Caller Alert Is Born

09-February-2015 8:57
in General
by Admin

We are proud to announce we will be launching our new product CallerAlert as the Ideal home show on March 20th.

How CallerAlert was born

Our journey for CallerAlert started when we experienced several missed calls at properties for various reasons. Whether it was someone in the garden and not hearing their doorbell. Not getting to the door in time before your caller has left thinking you were not in and in more serious cases where elderly or disabled home owners have fallen whilst rushing to the door.

CallerAlert eliminates the rush and constant peering out the window to see if your delivery driver, tradesmen or friend has arrived. By using your CallerAlert you can carry on with your daily routines without worrying about missing a call.

Here at YouSafe we understand the stress and worry an appointment or expected delivery can be for an elderly or disabled home owner. We have worked with a team of designers and several day care centres for customer feedback, ideas and general views on the impact our product could have on their day to day lives and the response was fantastic. If you are hard of hearing, blind or have mobility issues CallerAlert will help you to know a caller is at your door and also let the caller know you are on your way with a press of a button allowing you to get to the door at your own pace.



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